An... Expo!

Hello June! Summer begun with an Expo and a road trip to Athens! First time showing our game to the gamers πŸ™‚
Grow games Expo took place in the center of the city, in Technopolis which literally means “City of the Arts” and more than 30 teams gathered there to get in contact with the audience and communicate. It was an amazing experience and being able to discuss with the gamers was very informative! We were lucky enough to be exhibiting alongside with friends and havingΒ  Alex Koxaras of Origins of Audio on our team πŸ™‚

Lesson Learned, vol.1: Expos, conferences or wherever you can find gamers and feedback is a great opportunity to make your game better! Ξ™ would never have believed that people would want to spend so much time into helping us, giving feedback, sharing ideas and even answering a survey we prepared.

(Also thanks to everyone for the beautiful photos, find more in our facebook page)

Vasiliki Tsiftsian