Prometheus and the Flames of Life

On July 7-8-9 we participated in the Prometheus Game Jam which was a competition-jam organized by the N.T.U.A. for its 180 anniversary and was held at Lavrion Technological Cultural Park. We Teamed up withย  Alex Koxaras of Origins of Audio & Theo Oโ€™ Neill Linakis who helped us with the sound. We developed a voxel art, puzzle adventure game, PROMETHEUS & the Flames of Life which was honored with the 1st Prize & a distinction for synthesis of elements.

Where the park is today used to be the mines of Lavrion and were reconstructed only recently, to be used for science, art and cultural events. People there, took really good care of us, making our stay comfortable. We stayed and worked inside the old buildings alongside 20 incredible teams on โ€œPrometheusโ€. Our idea was based on the most famous Titan’s myth; the steal of fire from the Gods.

Lesson Learned vol.1:
Sometimes the obvious path is the correct pat. In the beginning we struggled to find an “impressive” approach of the theme but that was misleading us. Another lesson was that the third day of the Jam is always crazy, so please everyone remember to be nice to each other ๐Ÿ™‚ We also experienced how it feels when people like your game (and it rocks!!!)

(Also thanks to everyone for the beautiful photos!)
Vasiliki Tsiftsian