Hello all! Welcome to Happyland, an indie games development studio of creators & dreamers. Our vision is to build beautiful games of unique & imaginative journeys of ancient adventures!

The Team

Marinos Boyko Pehlivanov


Lead game designer, co-founder

Marinos, acquired his first pc at the age of 15 with only one goal; to build his first game. Soon the ambitious 15 year old discovered that he needed to expand his skill set in order to achieve that. The following years he devoted all his time in designing and programming, trying, failing and retrying till he could finally fulfill his dream. Give a beer or invite to a party this dev and he will be your friend for ever!

Vasiliki Tsiftsian

Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 01.11.32

Lead Artist, co-founder

Vasiliki, has always kept stories inside her head, papers and files. One day she discovered a universe that stories were coming to life and people were free to become a part of them. Empowered to tell and illustrate her tales she joined the Game Dev League. This dev loves to discuss about art, book, games and spread optimism!


Alexandros Koxaras


Music Composer

Alexandros Koxaras aka Alex Koxi, is an awarded multitalented artist. The music composer and lead programmer of Origins of Audio holds experience in working with indie movie makers as well as with indie game devs. Alex, is the composer of “GO HEROES: Prometheus” and “Pebbles’ Waves” soundtracks. “Post metal and love”, is his contribution to Greek wise words!

Andromahi Tyrou


Music Composer

Andromahi aka Max, studies in Harokopio University of Athens, in the field of “Informatics and Telematics” which has anabled both the power of level design and composing. Mahi has composed BiSMUTH’s soundtrack and has also contributed in level design. This sound dev loves vodka, game jams, a good party and cats!