An... Un-conference 😀

Conferences are becoming a habit for Happyland Entertainment. We flew to Athens once more to attend Goethe is Game 2017 which took place in Goethe Institut Athens. During this event we played video and board games which were made in a Storytelling Jam last November and also talked, exchanged ideas with devs, artists, musicians and engineers. A highlight was when our friends Lucid Ferret got selected to present their game at AMAZE festival in Berlin!

In the end of the day, we were glad we attended Goethe is Game -despite the distance we had to travel- and realized how important it is to keep in touch with people who love games as well as people who love making them. It recharges the will to keep on trying! Can’t wait to reunite with everyone 🙂
(Also thank you guys for the beautiful photos)

Vasiliki Tsiftsian