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Sons Of Icarus is a special action Arcade game empowered with RPG elements. A skills testing game which sharpens the players reflexes.

Our goal was to maintain the feeling of the past but also make it fresh and compatible with today’s expectations.

  • Free Download - with in app purchases & ads 
  • Online & Offline Mode
  • Online Store 
  • Custom Online Leaderboard 
  • 60 Levels 
  • 3 different level styles (Accelerated - Formation - Free Fall)
  • Upgrades (Ship - Power Ups) 
  • Achievements (Grades - Wreaths - Honors) 
  • Night & Day Cycle  
  • 7 Power Ups 
  • Campaign Progressive Story based on Hellenic Myths 
  • Game Lore (Daedalus & Icarus Myth - Historical Facts)

The Story

Once upon a time, in a small village of the ancient world named Cumae, a group of talented craftsmen and soldiers form a unique army. Inspired by Daedalus’ and Icarus’ story they decide to recreate the famous wing-suit and revive the legend. Some Olympians though will oppose strongly their venture and send obstacles and a mythical monster in their way. The Cumaeans ask the Navy’s assistance and the game begins.