Hello Barcelona!

From 26 of February to 1 March, Happyland was presented in front of the world of Mobile and Startups at #4YFN during the Mobile World Congress! 4YFN is startup business platform of Mobile World Capital that enables startups, investors and corporations to connect and launch new ventures together. Amazing! Exactly as their moto says, we were inspired, we were amazed.

Together with our fellow Greek indie game developers companies, Gemcraft Games and Traptics as part of the Greek delegation we had the chance to see from up close how mobile business works! Even though it is not common for games’ industry companies to be there, we were welcomed by everyone. People would come, play our games, discuss with us, give feedback, detect things we wouldn’t have had, share ideas, give advice on business and reveal tips and tricks! It was an extraordinary experience through which we were enriched with valuable information on how to get our business to the next level.

Lesson Learned, Vol. 5:
This is a lesson we re-learned. We were informed that we will be going to Spain 15 days before departure, meaning we didn’t make it to any deadline for the opportunities given by the event, one of which was pitching in the Discovery Area, but we decided to give a go and asked kindly from the incredible organizer Charlotte Rovito if we could have 5 minutes on stage. She and her amazing team made it happen for us and things had a different turn after that both for us and for the teams of our booth! So, ask! Nice, kindly, be prepared to lose with dignity, but remember to always ask! People and life can surprise you!

Once again a big thank you to Alex Koxaras of Origins of Audio for his incredible music in GO HEROES: Prometheus 🙂

More photos of the events in our Photo Gallery

Vasiliki Tsiftsian