Labour Game Jam in Athens

On 15 of December 2017 we participated in Labour Game Jam, held at Goethe Institut Athens and supported by the program Creative Europe. It was a different jam and a very interesting experience for which we had to explore our previous working experience. Marinos, remembered his college days, when he would ride his motorcycle all over Athens during university as a courier and he wanted to share his memories and make a game out of those days.

Labour Game Jam was organised to examine how games can assist the working field. Not only as a way to make people work harder but even communicate and address problems. We searched in our own experiences to find inspiration during our college years and decided to create a story about delivery-boys, an occupation which as it turns out is not anymore just a part-time job for far too many people.
So we built Delivery Star, a runner, decision maker, voxel art 🙂
We “borrowed” some photos from #LabourGames (@happyland-entertainment Instagram)

Lessons learned vol. 4:
a) Sometimes things just don’t work, so be happy with what you have. Marinos has a say “Just a Miracle per day” meaning we can’t always be as efficient as we would like, but it is ok.
b) Old stuff can work really good; with that said please enjoy an old synthesis of our dear friend Dimitris Papadopoulos, an excellent musician. So, remember to take good care of your files!!!

Team: Marinos Boyko Pehlivanov, Vasiliki Tsitsian

Vasiliki Tsiftsian