We entered an incubator.

On July we entered an incubator in Athens, held by a Eurobank -a big bank. It is called Egg Grow Go, close to the centre of Athens and at last, we have an office!
Unfortunately there are no hubs for indies games devs in Athens, and this was the best solution for us, and we were lucky enough to be accepted 🙂

Who are your neighbours in the next cubicles?

Startuppers! It is a 3 floors building full of startuppers, talking about investors, pre-seeds and first and second round investment and I kinda feel like I am living-watching “Silicon Valley” series… They don’t get exactly what we are doing but they are enthousiastic and willing to do some beta testing 🙂

What are the benefits?

We now know what business model canvas and a business plan are and they are not that scary anymore, and we have added that to our game design dock. We have two mentors who are willing to help us out, the best way they can with the business part and share some wisdom with us.
We have an office! And it is nice to have people believing in us!

Lesson Earned

Don’t try to explain Indie game dev mentality to a Startupper. There is no reason. At all. 😀